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Brennen Update (1 Month)

Today Brennen went for his 1 month checkup and he’s doing great! He now weighs 9lbs 2oz and he’s 21in long.

Last Sunday was actually his 1-month birthday and he had his first bottle and he had his first night in his crib in his own room. For the first month, he slept in our room but it has been great to have him in his room. It’s nice to be able to go into your own room and have the lights on and even watch TV without worrying that it’s going to wake the baby up!

Speaking of waking up, Brennen is now starting to get to the point where he will wake up to eat only once or twice a night now which is another awesome blessing! Those first few weeks of getting up every 2.5 hours was killer.

Parenthood has definitely been an adventure. Social life, home life, all of life, has changed. I’ve enjoyed this past month but I’m really looking forward to the upcoming months and years where he will begin to start interacting more with us. Right now he’s pretty much blank stares with the occasional squawk and smile.

Here are some pics from lately…

Hanging out in his swing

Wonder what he's thinking

First time I got to feed him!

Look at those long legs

This is a blanket that his great grandma Virgie made him

I think he's working on something here

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Ok, it’s been almost 2 weeks since Brennen was born and I still haven’t really blogged about it yet. So, here we go!

Here’s the timeline (times are relative):

  • April 2, 10:45am. Beth and I go to her weekly check up. As the Doc was checking her out, Beth’s water broke! We were all shocked! 🙂 So, the doc said, “What do you think about having a baby today!?” Thus, the whirlwind began.
  • 12:00. We get into a delivery room. Beth’s doc is at the hospital so they just wheel her on over. Contractions have just started and are pretty light. We call our parents and they leave for Mech’ville shortly after.
  • 1:30. Contractions start to become a little more severe. The nurse said, if you want you’re epidural all you have to do is ask. Beth asked. 🙂 Unfortunately, they wanted to get 1.5 bags of fluid into her intravenously. Then the anesthesiologist got hung up and was a little late getting there.
  • 3:00. Epidural is in and working. Beth is back to normal. 🙂 Family is there by now and waiting for the excitement!
  • 8:30. Nurse says that Beth is ready to start pushing. It ends up being just me and the nurse helping Beth do the work of delivery. I didn’t think it would ever end.
  • 9:30. Nurse tells Beth not to push any more because we were waiting on the Doc to get there. Let’s just say, he had his hands full that night. 🙂 Unfortunately, the epidural was starting to wear off and Beth didn’t want to hear “don’t push.”
  • 10:03. Brennen was born. I did VERY little work compared to Beth but I was whipped. He was (is) beautiful and mom did great!
  • 2:30am. We finally get into a room and spend our first night as a family.

What a day! 🙂 I’ll never forget it.

I’ll do another post this weekend with some reflections on the whole event.

Brennen sleeping on momma's shoulder after we arrived home.

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Baby Update–36.5 weeks

Well, roughly at the 36.5 week mark and I thought I’d do a quick update and how things are going.

  • Brennen’s room is coming together well. We are planning on getting his dresser this Saturday and I’m hoping to finish the cabinet this weekend too, then we’ll be able to put away all his stuff.
  • We’ve been shown so much love from our friends and family through the showers people have been doing for us. We have one more this Sunday that the teens at our church are doing.
  • Beth is kind of into that “I’m ready for this to be over” stage. 🙂
  • I think that Brennen has dropped. Beth’s stomach looks a lot lower than it has in weeks past.
  • We have one more baby class to go to next Saturday which is an newborn care class. Maybe I’ll learn to put a diaper on a baby since I’ve never done that yet! If you’re every interested, I’ve got some interesting stories from our classes that may make you (and me) blush.
  • Beth’s brother and his wife (Dave and Jennifer) are adopting a baby this weekend! So, excited for them and it will be awesome for him and Brennen to grow up together.

That’s all I can think of for now. If you want to know more, leave a comment and I’ll give you the scoop!

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